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Jon Snow 

Journalist and Channel 4 News Presenter

"Rose Dodd is an exceedingly intelligent and articulate writer with, I believe, considerable potential.

          I met her, during lockdown, serving coffee from the window of a cafe on my street, where she is part-time working. She told me she was passionate about journalism and asked me if would I cast my eye over a couple of articles she had written. I was impressed both by the content and the crisp style of her writing.

          I believe she has very real ability and potential. She is an intelligent, dedicated writer - thorough in her research and well organised in her writing.

          I have no hesitation in supporting her determination to pursue a life of journalism."

Suzy Menkes OBE

Journalist and Fashion Critic

"I met Rose Dodd by chance at a local London cafe where she told me that she was an aspiring journalist.

        Her enthusiasm was for an interview with me, as a journalist with more articles in store than her cafe had hot dinners.

      Rose was speedy, intelligent and forthright, producing smart  questions and thoughtful comments.

       I look forward to the articles - and the book - she has promised."

Andrew O'Hagan

Journalist and Novelist

"Her pieces have instant vitality. I look out for them now, and I always appreciate the research, the instinct, and the willingness to do the graft, make the journey, go the extra mile, that are typical of Rose Dodd's writing.

I have nothing but the highest regard for Rose's honesty, her wit, her tremendous
sense of the culture of today and its many live issues. She is a brilliant writer with an eye for what we will all be talking about next. Daring and insightful, rich in detail and sharp in writing ability, Rose Dodd is the next big thing."

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